The relationship between men and women


Many Thanks! Martino Maria Emilia collaboration!

The relationship between men and women: From Pleiades.

The energy in man is stuck, because it has been the first chakra to the second and stopped. The center of the vibration feeling in men has not been activated.
This is part of the experiment that has been taking place the last 4,000 or 5,000 years.

The feminine energy, feeling and gives life to the planet and represents creativity, went into a state of submission in order to give an opportunity to the male vibration, devoid of feeling, to manage the world.

We want to capture the image. We are contemplating consciousness movements.

During this time of change, women needed abris afford their throats and tell the truth. Now is the time. and for men, the challenge to get to understand women and men is to feel.

Everything is now reaching a point of stabilization. She started to open her throat for almost 40 years, with the opportunity to talk about was something frowned upon. The problem is that many ended up closing their feelings centers open their speech centers. Started parecerce men. There must be a balance.

Do not seek the co-twin flame out. Are you looking for the integration of male and female essences within.
The whole people looking to connect with other people complete in relationships based on trust, desire and free choice.

Complete automatically you will attract people to you without any effort. They will be able to connect with each other through the desire and recognition, not of necessity. (Thanks Anna Badillo)